Pip is the coolest dude!  He is athletic.  He cleans.  He is creative.  He is adventurous. He is handy.  He is like the James Bond of the Penguin World, only better because he will clean his own house.
Pip was born during a trip to London, so I guess that makes him a British penguin. I was at the Victoria and Albert Museum, and there was a little painting in the basement entitled IT’S ONLY ME. I wrote it down in my notebook, and later that day I met with editors at Macmillian, and we came up with the original 4 lift the flap book series on that day….and all because of that one title and my idea of having animals playing music throughout Pip’s house.  Pip would ask, “Who is that drumming under my sink?” and the chimp would reply, as you lift the flap, “It’s only me!”
The Pip books sold over 600,000 copies worldwide, in their original format. And the books were translated into french, swedish, japanese, and sold in over 60 countries. Now, in my partnership with Skyreader Media we have created a completely original interactive ebook app for the successful Pip series, and it launches in May 2012.