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2201, 2015

Trauma in the Astrology Chart

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I just finished a reading for a client who had a significant astrological aspect indicating trauma.  As is often the case, the person said that nothing really bad had happened to them….that she could remember!  Another clue that there was trauma, was that she could not remember anything before the fifth grade.  The chart always tells the true story.  I have to be patient, and wait for the client to eventually reveal the memories.  What happens is that many people tend to bury the painful memories in order to survive.  Just as my client was preparing to leave, she remembered a trauma.  It was significant.  Sometimes as astrologers we just have to be patient, and allow the thoughts to percolate.  The beauty of astrology is that the chart will show things that a psychotherapist could [...]

2412, 2014

The Origins of Astrology and Christmas

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Over 5,000 years ago, astrology evolved from the observations of celestial movement made by people dependent upon natural rhythms for their survival. They noticed that planetary movements had an influence on the timing for planting and harvesting. The ancient civilizations of the Akkadians and the Sumerians worshipped the star. Their astrological observations were further developed by the Babylonians into an astrological system.  The earliest artist renderings, depicted the constellations in the familiar animal and mythical form, are on Babylonian stones dating back to 1100 B.C.  They have recognizable symbols for Sagittarius, Capricorn and Scorpio carved into them.  After the fall of Babylonia, astrologers moved their schools. The science of astrology moved to Egypt, Greece, and Rome, as well as to the Orient.  The structure of astrology, as we practice it today, was fixed by the [...]

2111, 2014

Thanksgiving Prayer

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A friend sent me a Thanksgiving prayer.  It included giving thanks to the stars and to enlightened teachers. I have included these two segments below. On this Thanksgiving, I am indeed grateful for having the gift of being able to read astrology charts.  It is a wisdom that has been passed onto me.  I feel blessed to be able to share it with others. Here is the prayer: We give thanks to the Stars who are spread across the sky like jewelry. We see them in the night, helping the Moon to light the darkness and bringing dew to the gardens and growing things. When we travel at night, they guide us home. With our minds gathered together as one, we send greetings and thanks to all the Stars. We gather our minds to greet [...]

611, 2014

The Astrological Wheel

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A major principle of astrology is the idea that “As above, so below.”  In quantum physics, this means that what applies to the solar system also applies to the smallest atom.  We human beings are just little pieces of the universe.  The ancients believed the study of the stars, and planets, is basically a study of the inner workings of a human being.  This isn’t a crazy idea, when you consider that everything evolved from the stars from the Big Bang.  Carl Jung was hugely into the study of astrology.  He did an analysis of astrology to figure out its connection with synchronicity.  He studied 483 married couples and checked out the way their birth charts worked together.  He found that long lasting relationships had a certain astrological pattern which were found to be three [...]

2209, 2014

Weighing in on Libras

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Most people do not realize that astrology was the way medicine was practiced into the 17th century, like oriental medicine, which is much more widely accepted.  Medical astrology dates back to 400 B.C. and the time of Hippocrates, who said, "He who does not understand astrology is not a doctor but a fool."  If there is one sign of the Zodiac that is obsessed with health and weight it is Libra.  How ironic that their Zodiac symbol is the scales?  And how facinating that many of the most famous celebrities who sell diet plans or tools to lose weight are mostly Libras?  Think of  Weight Watchers founder Jean Nidetch; former Weight Watchers spokesperson Sarah Ferguson; author and Thigh Master pitchwoman, Suzanne Somers; and Dr. Atkins of the famous high protein Atkins diet. Libras are always [...]

1208, 2014

An Astrological View of Robin Williams’ Life and Death

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If Robin Williams had come to me for an Astrology reading last week, I would have told him two major things.  First, Jupiter right now, is on his midheaven.  The midheaven is where you meet the outside world.  When the planet of expansion and good fortune sits up there, at the top of the chart, it means your name is in lights, and you are often noticed in a big way by a large audience. How ironic that it is through his death that this has occurred, and not through his brilliant work.  But in some ways it is perfectly timed, because right now he is probably bigger than he ever was…. and that is saying a lot since he was like a human meteroite. His career was headed for a time of great expansion [...]