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July 24th live interview on the San Diego Living show

Leslie McGuirk is the best western astrologer I know. Her knowledge and unique approach to astrology goes beyond just information, Leslie truly helps people see the truth of their heart and soul. She has a way of explaining this ancient knowledge and complex system that makes it understandable, useful and super interesting for people. I send all my private clients to her – which says a lot about how much I trust her. She’s not just any astrologer. She is truly special.

CHRISTINE ARYLO, bestselling author of Choosing Me Before We, motivational speaker

Leslie’s astrological readings have been the best I ever experienced. She helped me through a most challenging time and I am forever grateful. Down to earth, relational and accurate are
words I use to describe her readings. I refer everyone I love to her, and they always thank me profusely.

–  MUKARA MEREDITH, founder of Matrixworks

I am so grateful for Leslie and her genius. I recommend her to many friends and clients and everyone is as profoundly touched by her as I have been. For me, a one-time reading with Leslie was comparable to a year’s worth of therapy. That’s the level at which she changed my life in just one ninety minute session.

–  GINA MAROTTA, Happiness Coach