604px-Franz_Anton_Maulbertsch_003Last night we had a Full Blue Moon at 28 degrees of Aquarius.  The Native American tribes had different name preferences for the various moons.  This particular Moon was called, “The Moon When All Things Ripen”, by the Dakotah Sioux tribe.  I think this is an excellent description for the ending of our summer season, which has basically been rather pleasant from an astrological viewpoint.  We have enjoyed that golden triangle in the water signs.  We still have that square between Uranus and Pluto through 2014, and this coming October looks bumpy.  I just came back from the astrology conference in Philadelphia. The delightful and engaging, Susan Miller, gave an excellent talk on the coming year.  She said, “In 2014, watch your step.  We will all be like Mr. Magoo.”   Basically, when the astrological weather patterns get a bit rough, it’s time to be practical and focused. It is a good idea to start thinking about this now.  On August 22, the Sun enters Virgo.   The next day, Mercury enters Virgo.  Virgos are the most practical sign of the Zodiac.  Get grounded and enjoy this last stretch of summer.  And let me know if that Full Moon kept you up last night!