The Donald as a child

Look at this little boy.  A totally adorable child, with that rosebud mouth, and hands clasped with a donkey over his heart.  How ironic that he sports a donkey, as this is Donald Trump, the current front runner on the Republican side to be our next President of the United States.  He was born on Flag Day:  June 14, 1946.  His astrology chart is intense.  When it is good, it is very good.  When it is bad……well, let me just say that Trump is a handful.  There’s a reason his parents sent him to a military academy when he was 13.  There was something uncontrollable about him then, and it is still true to this day.  From an astrological perspective, this out of control quality is because his Moon is in Sagittarius (FIRE), his Mars is in Leo (FIRE), and he’s totally missing the element of earth in his natal chart.  People who have Moon in Sagittarius are prone to being emotionally full frontal, without much regard for other people’s opinions.  To make matters worse, his Moon is opposite Uranus so the more people come at him, the more he will spew his fiery emotions.  Having Mars in Leo is one reason why people like him so much. Leo is like a king.  When a man has his Mars (his male energy) in Leo, there is a commanding presence.  When people are around this Leo energy, they feel like they are around royalty.  Since many politicians seem mamby pamby, Trump is like a strong male lion who walks onto the savannah and commands the attention of every living creature within miles.  Of course, with this presence and kind of power, people think he would be a great leader. There is some truth to this belief, because he knows how to stake out territory and hold his ground. I realize his Sun sign is Gemini (AIR), but he is far more of a Sagittarius (FIRE) and Leo (FIRE) kind of man. The lack of the earth element is always a sign of two things.  Either the person is totally grounded and on the earth, or they are just the opposite.  There is usually either total skill with money, or none at all.  Money is from the earth. Think of trees and coins, both come from the ground.  Earth is also about the body.  Many beauty queens share this lack of earth with Trump, like Marilyn Monroe, and Elizabeth Taylor.  Think of how fascinated the public has been with those women.  It’s also interesting that Trump owns the beauty pageants, and has been married to beauties.  He has a super fixation with beauty, because of this lack of earth.  We tend to focus on what we are missing.  So his focus is money and beautiful women. There is a part of his personality that needs both in order to feel balanced. But the biggest issue in his chart is his Mercury placement.  Trump’s Mercury sign is Cancer, which is a gentle and nice placement for the planet of communication.  However it is squaring Neptune, the planet of illusions and delusions.  Mercury square Neptune is often very difficult for other people to deal with.  It rarely bothers the person who has it, because they don’t even realize there is an issue.  Every time he opens his mouth, that planet Neptune is coloring his thinking and not in a good way.  There is a delusional quality to his thinking.  However it can also be visionary, which is yet another reason why people are attracted to him.  He has envisioned the future and people like what he describes.  This communication issue is not great for a future president. If he was to talk with world leaders about difficult topics, he would probably be as conspicuously abrasive as he is right now.  This characteristic would not change, and I fear it could be dangerous.  Also, Trump never apologizes.  When doing any kind of negotiations, it’s probably going to be his way and that’s it. Sometimes this is good, but when it isn’t it’s scary, especially if you hope our country doesn’t enter another war.  Always remember, that Donald Trump enjoys stirring things up.  He is certainly never boring!