The Importance of Being Wrong

Speaker and Workshop Facilitator

Leslie is a featured presenter, four weeks each year, at the number one destination spa in the world: Rancho La Puerta (according to Conde Nast Traveler Magazine)

Leslie speaks at corporate conferences and  five star spas around the world, including Rancho La Puerta, where according to Victoria Larrea, program director, “Leslie is one of our most popular presenters.  We plan to have her several times a year.”  In September 2014, Leslie was the keynote speaker at the AARP annual media sales conference in Savannah, Georgia, where Patricia Lippe Davis (Vice President Marketing, AARP Media Sales) said:

“We were lucky enough to hire Leslie McGuirk to lead a workshop designed to get our sales and marketing group, along with our support teams, to rewire some of our habitual behavior.  In the media business it’s critical for us to remain open and fluid to change. Leslie’s workshop provided a dynamic, interactive environment that opened us up to fresh thinking with the added benefit of team building.  Her post-workshop insights into our group dynamic were an added and unexpected benefit.  We had very positive feedback to her sessions.”

Creator of the Quest for Inspiration workshop series among others, Leslie can teach anybody how to think creatively. In the corporate world, she has worked with dozens of business entities through the years and helped thousands think “outside the box” to achieve positive business outcomes. Such business outcomes include: More productive teams, enhanced organizational culture, increased staff engagement.

Regardless of the particular venue, Leslie specializes in helping individuals and organizational entities better appreciate the role creative thinking can play in everyday life. Whether she is facilitating an educator conference or a team-building workshop, she systematically breaks down barriers between people. Her objective is to create an environment that allows for original thinking, which is a skill research is now touting as one of the fundamental building blocks for organizational effectiveness.

“We recently had the good fortune of obtaining Leslie McGuirk to facilitate our annual staff meeting.  Without exception, the entire team felt she was powerfully engaging, humorously insightful, and absolutely refreshing.  Leslie was able to deliver a rich trove of actionable ideas, as well as shining a bright powerful spotlight on how to achieve the best results interacting with each other and our clients.  Her formula for surviving in today’s world of business and maintaining a highly functional team is invaluable.  We are definitely looking forward to our next program with Leslie.”

– ERIC JOHNSON, owner Calvetti and Company

“Leslie’s workshops have been a source of inspiration and creativity for years at Rancho La Puerta. Her classes are consistently very well attended, and the feedback from our guests is always very enthusiastic. She is someone we plan to include in our programs every year.”

– VICTORIA LARREA, Program Director, Rancho La Puerta

Leslie McGuirk’s gift is helping others understand how priceless, comforting and inspiring creativity can be.

– LESLIE MORGAN STEINER, author of best sellers, Mommy Wars and Crazy Love, TED Talk Speaker

We all came away from Leslie’s workshop with new ideas, new concepts, and new ways to think and feel about what it means to be creative.

– WILMINGTON TRUST, Trust Vice President of Marketing

Testimonials from campers at Campowerment.

  • Astrology was the one thing I wasn’t going to. Didn’t believe in it. Leslie was personable, funny, explained it so well, and absolutely hooked me in.
  • She opened my eyes to astrology. Without her I NEVER would have considered it anything more than wishful thinking.
  • Leslie McGuirk began the de-mystification of astrology and I am now intrigued and excited to learn more. Her explanations and illustrations about astrology were fun and instructional. I now know how important the moon and mercury are (it’s not all the sun sign!) and to take those magazine predictions with a huge grain of salt.
  • She personalized her delivery by using her own life experiences which brought us closer to accepting the possibilities of astrological influences.
  • Wow, what a magnificent bundle of energy Leslie is.

– Big thanks for all that you do! From the campfire & beyond,
Lea Carlson
Business Operations Manager // Campowerment

Astrology may seem complicated, but Leslie McGuirk has found a riveting way to help us understand what the stars and the moon have to do with our personalities and our relationships. Leslie is smart and funny and creative in her interactive approach and her unique teaching style was a huge hit with the women of Campowerment. The feedback was off the charts.

– Tammi Leader Fuller
Chief Empowerment Officer {CEO} // Campowerment

Clients Include: The Golden Door Spa, Rancho La Puerta Spa, Red Mountain Spa, Wachovia Bank, M Financial Group, Staff Development for Educators, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Wilmington Trust, AARP and many others.


March 31st – April 7th, 2018 – Featured speaker at THE GATHERING OF JOY – RANCHO LA PUERTA in Tecate, Mexico

April 8th, 2018 – Featured speaker at A DAY OF NAMASTE – With Stacy McCarthy in San Diego, CA

May 4th – 6th, 2018 – 1440 MULTIVERSITY – Quest for Inspiration in Santa Cruz County, CA

May 24th – 27th, 2018 – United Astrology Conference in Chicago

June 23rd – 30th, 2018 – Workshop presenter at RANCHO LA PUERTA in Tecate, Mexico

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