Virgos rock!  Last night, a Virgo friend from Down Under said, “If there is a piece of fuzz on the carpet, I want to pick it up.  And I know that is soooo Virgo of me. I fight the urge.  But I really want to pick it up. I often do because it just drives me crazy not to!”  Some people give Virgos a bad rap, calling them “nasty neat” and “persnickety”.  They can be like that, however, every zodiac sign has a low side and a high side.  Our job is to constantly work on being on the high side of everything in our chart.  An evolved Virgo is trustworthy and steady, and wonderful at keeping us in alignment.  It is a soft sign, and not prone to angry outbursts.  Some signs love to fight.  Virgo is not one of them. They are especially gifted at taking complex things and making them more manageable.  Right now, with that Uranus Pluto Square still shaking our world, it seems we could use this steady Virgo energy right now.  Without that Virgo connection to the Earth, and to the cycles of Nature, we as a species get off course.  Sadly, it seems that quite often, human beings only learn through hardships and difficulties.  We tend to modify our behavior only when a disaster strikes.  Recently, I did the chart for a client who has the above mentioned Uranus Pluto Square exactly on her Venus and Moon (female energy and mother energy).  Her mother just died, and her sister is suing her for money she thinks she deserves from the estate.   The aspect was pinpointed on a very sensitive area in her chart.  These experiences, even though difficult, are perfect for her soul’s evolution.  This means once she learns the lessons, she moves to a higher level of awareness. And with awareness comes peace.   Astrology is simply a language of archetypes.  Does it mean that everyone with this exact aspect will have sadness around a mother and sister?  Not at all.  An astrologer never knows exactly how the energy will manifest, but the feeling tone is there.  It could have been that a long lost female relative found her, or a stray female dog showed up at her front door. The energy simply says “Look out for unexpected and intense things happening around females.”  And by the way, unexpected and intense does not mean “bad”.  Here is a head’s up for September:  from September 11-26, Saturn will be right next to Venus in Scorpio.  If you are a Scorpio, or if any of your personal planets (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars or Ascendant) are in Scorpio, something quite profound should be happening to you during this time.  Venus brings love and Saturn brings structure.  If you are in a relationship, things could take a more serious turn.  Or you may come to some realizations regarding your life passions, and doing what you love.  This is an awesome transit for clarifying one’s desires.  And if you have a Virgo friend, ask them for some down to earth guidance!