The Importance of Being Wrong

Leslie McGuirk | TEDxHollywood

Your TED Talk is simply wonderful and inspiring …bravo!

– L.L.G ~ New York

Dear Leslie, Watched your TED talk today and just wanted to thank you for sharing your love and inner beauty. Not being able to draw perfectly or do anything perfectly puts so much pressure that we live with each day of our lives, berating ourselves in the process. Your story about finding those alphabet-shaped rocks was such a beauty. What a miracle? 10 years? Wow! This world is just so full of beautiful, magical moments. Power to you, God bless and gratitude.

– S.J. ~ India

I’ve been struggling to figure out what to do with myself when I retire from software engineering. I’ve considered some form of art but always poo-poo it on the basis that I have no talent. But now I’m inspired by your message. You make me realize I don’t have to be good to be good. You’ve given me new optimism to explore and try. Maybe like you I can find a way to express my imaginings. Thanks.

– anonymous

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